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Snowblower Paddle 1687312



Replaces Noma/Craftsman/Murray 302565 (4 pieces), 335992 (2 pieces)
302565MA, 335992MA, 1687312SM

Used on Craftsman Models 536.88150, 536.885210, 536.885211

Murray Models 60000X30C, 60000X30NA, 60000XNB, 60000XND,
60000X31A, 620301X4C, 620301X4D, 620301X4NA, 620301XNB,
620301X54C, 620301X54D, 620301X54NA, 620301XNB, 620301X61A,
620301X61B, 620301XNA, 620301XNB, 620301X79D, 620301X79E,
620301X85B, 620301X85NA, 620301XNB, 620351X4NA, 6210541X116NA,
6210540X117NA, 6210540X83NA, 6210700X116NA

Square paddles are 1 9/16″ W x 4/15/16″ L x 1/4″ THK
Square paddles have 3 mount holes
Half round paddles are 11 1/8″ OD x 1/4″ THK
Half round paddles have 6 mount holes
Does not include mounting hardware


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